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The Codex of City and Mining rights of Selmecbánya (facsimile book)
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Journal publishing

BKL Petroleum and Gas

BKL Petroleum and Gas is the paper of the Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society - that goes back to more than 110 years history - whose publishing we have fulfilled since 1990.

The paper is published with the sponsorship of MOL Plc.

The trade journal provides field for the scientific work of researchers, academic lecturers, phD students and for publishing the results of acknowledged domestic and foreign experts achieved in the oil and gas industry. We send this internationally acknowledged trade journal as an exchange paper to several foreign countries. The publication used to come out 12 occasions a year and 6-8 times recently.

We do offer advertising possibilities for domestic and foreign companies to introduce their products, equipment and activities in the form of a sponsored article or framed advertisement.

A4 size, 28 + 4 pages, single-colour print, coloured cover-page.

Advertising fees:


Cover-page IV. coloured 850 EUR
black and white 600 EUR
Cover-page III. coloured 600 EUR
black and white 500 EUR
Inner page black and white 1/1 page 300 EUR
black and white ½ page 200 EUR

Sponsored article as agreed. The prices are to bear 25% VAT.

Further information: +36 1 201 8083
1255 Budapest 15, Pf. 18

Certain issues are available in Hungarian as Acrobat Reader documents.


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