JUST PUBLISHED: Árpád Ősz, Sr.: Petroleum and Natural Gas Stamps
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The Codex of City and Mining rights of Selmecbánya (facsimile book)
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Out now: Saint Barbara – the patron saint of miners (book)
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Order now: Calendar 2011 - Masterpieces of applied arts in the field of mining II.
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Calendar publishing

Unique design, high quality wall, table and card calendars - not for retail sale - of our own design or prepared according to the ordering company's image.

Calendars published up to now:


The masterpieces of applied arts in the field of mining


Coats of Arms of Mining Towns


Coats of Arms of Mining Towns, 2008

Georgius Agricola: DE RE METALLICA XII

Saint Barbara

Mining-Metallurgical memorial and ceremonial cups

Minerals of Hungary

Artistic Iron Casting

Mining-Metallurgical-Forestry Cups

The Works of the glass painter and
mosaic artist Róth Miksa





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